– Not your average all-american sock and bottle sock company. Easy to say that calling them one of a kind is only scratching the surface. A creative explosion of random on a traditionally boring clothing item. This product will have you thinking, “who knew socks could be so freaky?” neat, huh?

– Shoyeido has been blending natural ingredients and fragrances to create japanese incense since 1705. They have perfected a subtle and natural product that is truly in a league of its own.

– Beautiful essential oil infused soy candles crafted by refugee woman who have relocated to the US to find a better life. Each purchase supports an inspiring group of women and many nights of guaranteed satisfaction.

– A husband and wife company that creates all sorts of fun and quirky beer bottle openers and doorbells.

-Throw Blankets and hand warmers created from organic cotton, recycled cotton and reclaimed materials. Made in the USA; from concept to end product. Quality construction with exceptional details and finishing.