Bhody is a new shop in the downtown Santa Cruz area that is definitely worth a look around. It has a bunch of cool, unique, and special items that you won't find elsewhere on the street. There's a little bit for everyone like clothes, pun-ny cards (my favorite), jewelry (all extremely unique and for the fashion forward), candles which put bath and body works to shame, and much more. You're bound to find something for your home, office, or for a friend/family for a special gift. The staff is super friendly and helpful also!

Cupertino, CA

This shop is truly wonderful! The owner has curated great clothing, jewelry, and gift items in this lovely, creatively-designed store. The products are from ecologically responsible sources; women in the developing world; creative local artists! The staff is superb, too: so knowledgeable about everything -- the makers, designers, materials, etc. A must-visit if in Santa Cruz.


I've bought several shirts from here, the quality is exemplary and the European (Italian) fit makes them so stylish!
Many of the items are "Made in America", which makes it a great place to browse, I've also bought many family gifts from there for my sons, daughters and grandchildren... They are so helpful.


Their collections are one of a kind that you won't find anywhere else in Santa Cruz. Everything is made with the utmost quality and the sales team is really helpful. This place is the place to shop when looking for casual clothing or formal work clothes. I will definitely be back!